Low-cost airlines, cheap vacation homes and our strong desire to take a selfie in foreign places have ushered in the golden age of tourism. We are travelling more than ever. And yet after every trip we ask ourselves the same question — where to next?

A question that becomes increasingly difficult with time. With thousands of available options and several different factors to consider (such as time, aspiration, convenience, weather, prices, safety and so on), destination choice is a complicated decision.

Escape is an interface designed to help you decide your next holiday destination.

We, the MIT Senseable City Lab, intend to simplify this process through a series of data visualisations that help the user navigate this information and plan their next trip within few minutes.

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    • Carlo Ratti Senseable City Lab Director
  • Gerald Png Lead Developer
  • Liuhuaying Yang Lead Designer
  • Luis Sahagún González Lead Developer
  • Mohit Shah Project Leader, Developer
  • Wonyoung So Designer, Developer