About Escape

Escape is an inspiration flight search engine. It helps you compare destinations across 50+ data points and airfares across 300+ airlines and 150+ travel agents

Built by GREAT ESCAPE PTE LTD, a Singaporean company spun out of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.

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Special thanks to Mapbox for their support

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  • Mohit Shah Founder
  • Gerald Png Founder
  • Alok Jha iOS Lead
  • Jay Patel Android Lead
  • Arjoo Chauhan Lead Designer

Special Thanks to

  • Carlo Ratti Senseable City Lab Director
  • Aakash Shrivastava Lead Designer
  • Navarjun Singh Lead Designer
  • Liuhuaying Yang Lead Designer
  • Luis Sahagún González Lead Developer
  • Wonyoung So Designer, Developer


We’re hiring talented designers and engineers. If interested, send an email to team@greatescape.co

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